Laneshia Hook

144.99 CAD

This product is packaged with 3 separate mug holders, allowing you to stagger or place them directly. Designed with the metal sign of coffee letter and cup, whether in the kitchen, living room, or coffee station, believe it would be the most eye-catching wall decor to show off your collection of mugs with your creative placement. A set of 3 mug racks with 4 hooks each, holds 12 mugs, helping free up much-needed space of your cabinet or counter. Adding hanging storage, a good way to keep your coffee mugs organized and easily accessible above the coffee corner, without having to rummage through cabinets.


  • Made of rugged solid hot-rolled steel and special plating materials to prevent rust, our mug organizer keeps sturdy and durable enough to hold up all your favourite mugs, coffee mugs, tea cups, etc.
  • The distance between adjacent hooks is 4.8 inches, allowing hanging all sizes of your treasured mugs, both large and regular size cups, without touching or bumping with each other. Also suitable for kitchen utensils or coffee bar accessories.
  • Equipped with a set of 3 coffee mug hangers and 6 screws, easy to install, just screw it. Both practical and decorative, it would be a good choice as a housewarming gift and holiday gift for coffee lovers or mug collectors.